Monday, September 21, 2009

Defining the New Role of Communications

I spotted Geoff Livingston's great post entitled, 'Why Being Dubbed a Social Media Expert or PR Guy Rankles Me' and had to recommend that all other communication pros give it a read.

I agree with Geoff 100% that the term "public relations" has become synonymous with media relations or publicity and no longer seems to invoke or indicate the strategic planning associated with some of the best communication campaigns. 

As I've written many times on this blog: PR ≠ Media Relations. I think Geoff's definition of professional 'communicator' is a much better and more encompassing description of what we "PR types" are capable of doing and providing.

In the changing age of communications, the walls keep tumbling down and silos are continuously smashed that once used to distinguish marketing, sales, PR, corporate communications and business development. Geoff's post seems very apropos and falls in line with an article in today's Advertising Age, 'How PR Chiefs Have Shifted Toward Center of Marketing Departments.' What struck me about this article is how some of the largest companies in America are integrating their communications strategies and becoming more holistic in their approach to telling their corporate story. This is especially key as companies are adjusting to the new social media space where audiences expect a quick and timely response.  

I think the role of CCO (Chief Communications Officer) is becoming more popular as companies adjust and realize that a decentralized strategy in brand communications is no longer as effective or able to respond in a timely fashion to its stakeholders needs.

Long live the communicators who can strategize, plan, execute and measure the effectiveness of ALL ASPECTS of a communications campaign!

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