Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting It

Does your firm "get" social media for its clients?

Jennifer Leggio at ZDNet is trying to find out which PR firms understand and are executing successful social media campaigns for their clients. She's created a survey for companies (read: NOT PR pros/agencies) to weigh-in on what PR firms are doing and more importantly should be doing in regards to social media.

I suspect we'll see the usual suspects in terms of PR firms that are actively and successfully integrating social media campaigns as part of their larger client's strategy. Anyone know of small to mid-size PR firms that are generally overlooked in terms of their social media capabilities and execution? I would love some recommendations.

If you are a savvy marketing/communications manager for a company that is looking to hire or has hired a PR firm to help you with your social media strategy, you can take survey here. PR peeps: forward to your clients if you think they would be interested in filling it out. End submission date is Jan. 5th, 2009. Jennifer says she'll post the results in January.


Jennifer Leggio said...

Thank you for writing about this. I really do want to get this out to the decision-makers, and I would also love to get some insight on smaller firms who may be under the radar due to less brand power but may be getting phenomenal results. We'll see if their clients come through! :)


Colleen Campbell said...

You're welcome! I've forwarded the link to several of the smaller social media firms in the D.C. area to send to their clients. I look forward to finding out your results.