Monday, January 5, 2009

How A Journalist Made My Day

I won't use his name publicly, but I do want to thank a certain radio journalist for the wonderful follow-up e-mail he sent me in relation to an interview I helped him set-up with a client. He praised my responsiveness, candor and ability to deliver (this was NOT an easy interview to schedule-lots of issues surrounding the coordination). Most importantly, he paid me the ultimate compliment by saying he'd be interested in working with me again for similar stories and topics and would let his colleagues know that I am a PR person "who gets it." I'm thrilled! :)

I've written many times since I started this blog about how I believe the pitching system is broken and the dynamic push/pull of media relations is causing people to question the value of their PR people. Today restored my faith in building relationships with the media and getting back to the human interaction (even if it's facilitated by technology) to make things happen. I think the trust amongst PR pros and journalists is slowly rebuilding. I am hopeful that so much of the negativity surrounding media relations in 2008 will begin to dissipate in 2009.

Thank you again to the wonderful radio reporter. You made a PR person's day!

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