Monday, February 23, 2009

Update: Getting It (Now Part Deux)

Last November I posted a link to ZDNet's Jennifer Leggio's survey for internal MARCOMM folks to find out how satisfied internal people were their agency's ability to recommend, implement, sustain and measure social media campaigns.  Last Thursday, Jennifer posted the answers to her survey.  There are some VERY interesting findings in terms of how internal communicators view their agencies as well as some excellent insights into which PR agencies "get social media" and which ones need improvement.  Most notably, I agree with findings that solid traditional PR strategies and tactics are needed (gotta have a strong foundation) in addition to understanding social media and digital strategy. Check out Jennifer's survey results here.

In an effort to really measure PR Pros knowledge (or lack thereof) in social media, Jennifer along with Nicole Jordan have developed a second survey for PR Pros to really see what agencies/individuals are doing in the social media space, training, as well as understanding of business objectives and goals.  You can take the survey here.  It is 37 questions and it is open until March 31, 2009. Jennifer promises to post results to see if there truly is a disconnect between some of the responses received by internal corporate communicators and PR Pros/Agencies working in this space.

Come on PR Pros! Time to show what we know and what we're doing!  Take the survey!!!

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