Thursday, June 4, 2009

Follow-up Part III: Company Outrage Online

It's been awhile since I checked-in on the ongoing dispute between Clean Air Gardening in Dallas, TX, and its former IMC agency, Christie Communications based in Santa Barbara, CA.  I first wrote about this in October of last year and from the looks of things, there appears to be no resolution.

Clean Air Gardening launched a Web site alleging egregious and horrible mistakes made by Christie Communications and over the last several months has appeared to post legal communications between their respective lawyers as both sides attempt to resolve the issues.

Looking at the Web site today, it seems that neither party is closer to a resolution and that the founder of the site is happy to continue to post and update visitors with the status of the case. The latest post is supposedly the text of an e-mail from an artistic director which at some point in time allegedly hired Christie Communications and appears to support the allegations made by Clean Air Gardening. While the Webmaster clearly states he has no way of verifying if this e-mail is true, it is an interesting development that other disgruntled customers may be coming forward. 

For the sake of both parties, I hope they reach a resolution soon. 

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