Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time for Another "Buy Me That" Food Edition

Yesterday, I noticed an article in MediaPost's Marketing Daily about the Federal Trade Commission's new Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection David Vladeck announcing that the FTC plans to launch a campaign to teach kids and tweens how to recognize and analyze advertising.

According the article:
The multimedia ad campaign, directed at kids ages 8 to 12, will include a Web site featuring a game that teaches core ad literacy concepts. The game will also be on mobile devices. In-school curricula developed with Scholastic magazine will deal with why, where, and how commercial messages are constructed and placed, per Vladeck.
Vladeck says the campaign will put a substantial focus on food marketing to children and adults as well as cover Internet selling techniques, endorsements and testimonials, green marketing and privacy matters. 
Vladeck says the reasons to address marketing to kids -- particularly around food -- are more compelling now because of the rising number of incidences of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.'
"Progress has been made because of self-regulatory initiative from the Council for Better Business Bureaus (of which the NAD is part) but more needs to be done," he said. Two weeks ago, he said, the FTC served notice to get approval from the Office of Management and Budget to do a major food marketing study that will allow a direct comparison of marketing spend, profile data and market data between the new study and one done two years ago.
I applaud Vladeck and the FTC taking a strong look at how food advertisers are targeting kids. Reading this article reminded me of a series of HBO specials I saw as a kid called "Buy Me That!" which focused on how commercial producers got toys to fly, talk, or even made us want to eat certain products (does anyone else remember this?)

I was able to find part 1 of the "Buy Me That 3" video on YouTube that focused on marketing foods to kids and adults. Sounds like it's time for another HBO & Consumer Reports special!

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