Monday, February 8, 2010

Google Ad is Gold

Last night I watched the Super Bowl while participating in #Brandbowl on Twitter. Lots of good exchange about the ads as they appeared and discussion over what resonated with the audience and what fell short (talk about a lack of social media presence in the ads - but I digress).

I know there are going to be a TON of posts today recapping the ads and discussing "the best and the worst," but I wanted to focus on the ad that I thought was the best: Google's "Parisian Love:"

Quite simply, this is storytelling at its best. The use of the popular search engine to demonstrate the role and evolution that search plays in our everyday lives is outstanding. Google showed its passion for their product by telling a love story. The ad works on so many levels as the overall story resonates and connects with the many popular and important searches (study abroad; meals; airline travel; and the 'how-to' searches) that we all have done and will continue to do throughout our lives. Choosing to air "Parisian Love" during the Super Bowl only enhanced its effectiveness and resonance as Valentine's Day quickly approaches.

I loved this ad. Google who traditionally shies away from traditional advertising nailed its point through use of a creative and straightforward execution that reflects and tells a story of what individuals do with Google search everyday.

Google is apparently producing a series of these types of commercials/videos that can be found at Google Search Stories on YouTube. I look forward to seeing other stories similar to "Parisian Love."

Great job, Google!

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