Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flip-ing Out

I'm in love with The Flip. I want one. I want my clients to get one. Simple, easy and very straightforward. Perfect for showcasing quick interviews with executives (we could have a video quality debate here, but I'm not going there) as well as for video case studies, media training and employee testimonials/discussions.

The latest flip has a rechargeable lithium ion battery or the first models allow you to record up to 60 minutes of video with replaceable AA Alkaline batteries for up to two hours of use. Storage space is 1-2 GB and the the "flip out" USB arm allows you to plug The Flip in directly to your USB port and begin editing video on its custom software which is included.

Now anyone can easily be a video editor. Definitely looking in to getting one to add video to the blog!

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Kevin said...

I love mine. Was distressed about the AA batteries, but that makes it pretty light and they last longer than you think. My only issue is that my model does not have a threaded hole in the bottom of it so you can screw it onto a tripod. This is huge for filming anything over 30 seconds. From there, iMovie or Windows Movie Maker are free software letting you edit the clips and give them some semblance of a production value.