Monday, October 6, 2008

Looking Inward

As I do 2009 planning for several clients, I am noticing that more and more of them are devoting resources to further development or enhancements of their internal communication programs.

Historically, most clients internal communication programs are linked closely with HR and rightfully so.  But what I'm noticing is a trend to want to develop a more robust internal program that while involves HR, isn't centered around corporate notifications and HR initiatives.

Most strategic recommendations being considered tieback to one or more of the following internal communication goals:

  • Morale - With the economy down and fear over job loss, I see some companies more actively looking for ways to boost employee confidence and attitude.
  • Retention - There are reports everyday surrounding the current layoffs and despite the current economy, several industries are still involved in a talent war.  Actively investing in employee incentive programs and other activities seem to be at the forefront of clients minds when putting together their internal comm program.
  • Recruitment - Better days are right around the corner or a large contract win is at hand. In order to attract the best people needed to do the work, clients are looking at incentives and want an aggressive WoM, social media and traditional PR strategy to attract top talent.
  • Intelligence - While arguably this may not be internal communications in the traditional sense, companies seem to be making a significant (continued) investment in internal collaboration tools (company and project wikis) as well as spending more on trade shows or hosting town hall type customer forums to gather information about their products/services and industry as a whole. 
Are any fellow PR pros seeing their clients devote more resources to internal communication programs?  What types of things are other companies considering?

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