Monday, October 20, 2008

Resolution to the Marriott Saga

As I previously mentioned, I've had some issues with Marriott in regards to my upcoming wedding.

Finally, after much back and forth and many hours spent on the telephone and sending e-mails, Marriott has resolved the frustrating customer service process I have experienced to my satisfaction.

They are providing me with a hospitality suite for the five days I am staying at their location for the same price as the block room rate I secured for my guests. They also offered a heartfelt and sincere apology.

And while I did have to keep calling and following-up, Marriott did keep their word to call me back and actually took the time to listen when I called their customer service line.

While I am frustrated by the service I received initially, Marriott has redeemed themselves and I will continue to book my stays at their locations.

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